What Steps Are Involved in the Maintenance of a Lift?

A lift is a powerful machine that allows individuals to reach the upper floors of a home or business without taking the stairs. Some people are disabled or have arthritic conditions that make transversing the stairs dangerous. When a lift is installed in a home, it needs professional lift maintenance services in Singapore. Knowing the steps involved in maintenance will help homeowners to be prepared.

Steps Involved in Lift Maintenance

When a technician comes out to perform lift maintenance, there are many steps they must go through. Ensuring the lift is safe to operate is the top priority of any technician. The following steps must be carried out during a maintenance appointment.

  • The inside of the car will be thoroughly checked for any signs of problems. Any damage to the walls or the electrical components of the inside of the lift will need to be reported to the homeowner and repaired before the lift can be used again.
  • Technicians will check the door clearance and make sure the door is operating appropriately. They will ride the lift to ensure it stops evenly on all floors and the speed is correct.
  • The machine room will be the next objective of the technician. The machine room houses all the important components of the lift and maintenance tasks carried out here will help to ensure the lift is operating as it should.
  • All of the moving components of the lift will need to be checked and properly lubricated. If any wear and tear has occurred to the components, the parts will need to be replaced for the safe operation of the lift.
  • Testing the machine for proper function is essential. As a part of the maintenance, the technician will also check all the electrical components of the systems to ensure they are working properly and are tightened for a sound connection.

Schedule Your Maintenance Appointment

If you own a lift, proper maintenance is crucial for ensuring your lift operates safely and securely. Call today if you would like to schedule your appointment. They will be happy to get you scheduled and ensure your lift is properly maintained.